The Path of Passion Podcast

Becoming a Lawyer Because of Phoenix Wright
In this episode, Jordan and Tyler interview Gerard, an attorney inspired by Phoenix Wright. Hear stories from Gerard's life, including losing a case to Racoons to referencing Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me" in his closing statement.
Leaving Wall Street for Bartending
This week, Tyler and Jordan talk to their friend Jared, an MIT alumni who left a lucrative job in banking to find a better life as a bartender.
From Biotech to Dance and Taekwondo Teacher
In this week's episode we talk to Tyler's dance teacher, Sean Bjerke, about leaving a decade long career in biotech to become a teacher of house dance and Taekwondo.
Pursuing the Path of Ramen
This week, Tyler and Jordan interview the owner of the best ramen shop in Massachusetts, Jake Vo of Yume Wo Katare. Given that Yume Wo Katare roughly translates to "Share Your Dreams," it only made sense that in the episode, we would talk about the reality of the process of pursuing the path of following one's dream.
The Reality of the World of Voice Acting
Kevin Coulter has been pursuing voice acting as a career for years, where they found both a sense of purpose and success. The story portrayed is grounded in the grittiness of self-starting, but thankfully has a happy ending. Or rather, a happy present and future.
From Engineering to Escape Rooms
This week, we're happy to be joined by one of the founders of our favorite escape rooms, Robert "Fro" Myers. Fro has been running Boxaroo with his cofounder Victor Hung for years and they both brought their engineering ingenuity to make extremely clever escape rooms.